Political campaign

A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, wherein representatives are chosen or referendums are decided. In modern politics, the most high profile political campaigns are focused on general elections and candidates for head of state or head of government, often a president or prime minister.

Campaign message

The message of the campaign contains the ideas that the candidate wants to share with the voters. It is to get those who agree with their ideas to support them when running for a political position. The message often consists of several talking points about policy issues. The points summarize the main ideas of the campaign and are repeated frequently in order to create a lasting impression with the voters. In many elections, the opposition party will try to get the candidate "off message" by bringing up policy or personal questions that are not related to the talking points. Most campaigns prefer to keep the message broad in order to attract the most potential voters. A message that is too narrow can alienate voters or slow the candidate down with explaining details. For example, in the 2008 American presidential election John McCain originally used a message that focused on his patriotism and political experience: "Country First"; later the message was changed to shift attention to his role as "The Original Maverick" within the political establishment. Barack Obama ran on a consistent, simple message of "change" throughout his campaign. However, even if the message is crafted carefully, it does not assure the candidate a victory at the polls. For a winning candidate, the message is refined and then becomes his or her in office.

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EC working group proposes cap on expenditure of political parties for electioneering

The Times of India 09 Mar 2020
NEW DELHI ... more from times of india news ... Top Videos. Trending Videos. ....

EC working group proposes cap on spending by political parties for electioneering

Business Line 09 Mar 2020
There should be a ceiling on expenditure by political parties during polls, similar to the provision for individual candidates, according to a recommendation by a working group set up by the Election Commission ... .......

Deputies respond to complaints of electioneering outside precincts

The Oklahoman 04 Mar 2020
NORMAN — Sheriff's deputies Tuesday responded to multiple reports of electioneering outside polling places by people gathering signatures in support of State Question 805 ... It is illegal to electioneer within 300 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress, according to Oklahoma statute....

SQ 805 supporters warned about electioneering at polling places

The Norman Transcript 04 Mar 2020
NORMAN — Dozens of people supportive of State Question 805 were caught electioneering outside polling places in Norman, Noble and Oklahoma City during Tuesday’s election ... Numerous calls were made to the Cleveland County Election Board to report allegations of electioneering early Tuesday....

Dark Money Posing as Women’s Groups May Have Played Key Role in Electing Trump

truthout 28 Feb 2020
Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) and its sister organization Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) may have played a “pivotal role” in electing Donald Trump through a sophisticated electioneering effort in Wisconsin, a report from Truth North Research (TNR) released today reveals....


Peace FM Online 24 Feb 2020
Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II, the Paramount Chief of the Kwahu Traditional Area, has urged the youth, especially in the Kwahu Afram Plains, to avoid activities that would result in violence during the electioneering. He said violence retarded development and put financial burdens on families, communities and the country as a whole ... ....

Boris Johnson ally confronted over floods 'electioneering' in toe-curling TV clash

The Mirror 20 Feb 2020
Nadhim Zahawi came in for heavy fire from Sky News host Kay Burley after saying it'd be wrong for the Prime Minister to go on a 'photo op' and a 'media jamboree' - three months after Boris Johnson did just that ... ....

County reminds public of prohibited areas for electioneering

Montrose Press 14 Feb 2020
With voting now permitted for this year’s slate of ......


Peace FM Online 13 Feb 2020
The Paramount Chief and President of Kwahu Traditional Area, Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II has urged the Youth in Ghana and especially Afram Plains North and South to desist from violence that erupts during elections. Daasebre said violence only retards development and put financial burdens to families, communities and the Country as a whole ... ....

Activists allege Derry election official’s comments amount to criminal electioneering; town disagrees

Union Leader 13 Feb 2020
DERRY -- A right-wing activist group released a video Wednesday alleging a Derry polling station volunteer is guilty of electioneering, after she was recorded by undercover operatives stating her Democratic leanings....

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