Political campaign

A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, wherein representatives are chosen or referendums are decided. In modern politics, the most high profile political campaigns are focused on general elections and candidates for head of state or head of government, often a president or prime minister.

Campaign message

The message of the campaign contains the ideas that the candidate wants to share with the voters. It is to get those who agree with their ideas to support them when running for a political position. The message often consists of several talking points about policy issues. The points summarize the main ideas of the campaign and are repeated frequently in order to create a lasting impression with the voters. In many elections, the opposition party will try to get the candidate "off message" by bringing up policy or personal questions that are not related to the talking points. Most campaigns prefer to keep the message broad in order to attract the most potential voters. A message that is too narrow can alienate voters or slow the candidate down with explaining details. For example, in the 2008 American presidential election John McCain originally used a message that focused on his patriotism and political experience: "Country First"; later the message was changed to shift attention to his role as "The Original Maverick" within the political establishment. Barack Obama ran on a consistent, simple message of "change" throughout his campaign. However, even if the message is crafted carefully, it does not assure the candidate a victory at the polls. For a winning candidate, the message is refined and then becomes his or her in office.

Latest News for: Electioneering


Election board secretary warns against electioneering

Muskogee Phoenix 04 Feb 2020
“Our precinct officials are going to be watching very closely on election day for illegal electioneering by candidates, zealous campaign staff, and their volunteers. It’s unlawful in Muskogee County and across the State of Oklahoma to electioneer within 300 feet of a ballot box," Beach said....

Trump Allies Are Handing Out Cash to Black Voters

Jacksonville Free Press 31 Jan 2020
Urban Revitalization Coalition’s CEO Darrell Scott at the White House in 2018. Andrew Harnik/AP Photo. https.//www.politico.com/news/2020/01/29/trump-black-voters-cash-giveaways-108072. By BEN SCHRECKINGER. 01/29/2020 05.08 AM EST ... But if a rally veers into electioneering, issues with campaign finance law can arise, experts warned ... Previous ... Next ... Name *....

Caitriona MacGuinness: 'Electioneering must not ignore reality of ageing nation'

Irish Independent 26 Jan 2020
Caitriona MacGuinness. January 26 2020 7.00 AM. 0 Comments Caitriona MacGuinness. 'Electioneering must not ignore reality of ageing nation'. Independent.ie ... https.//www.independent.ie/business/irish/caitriona-macguinness-electioneering-must-not-ignore-reality-of-ageing-nation-38893594.html ... Email ... Log In. New to Independent.ie? Create an account ... ....

County reminds public of prohibited areas for electioneering

Montrose Press 14 Feb 2020
With voting now permitted for this year’s slate of ......


Peace FM Online 13 Feb 2020
The Paramount Chief and President of Kwahu Traditional Area, Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II has urged the Youth in Ghana and especially Afram Plains North and South to desist from violence that erupts during elections. Daasebre said violence only retards development and put financial burdens to families, communities and the Country as a whole ... ....

Activists allege Derry election official’s comments amount to criminal electioneering; town disagrees

Union Leader 13 Feb 2020
DERRY -- A right-wing activist group released a video Wednesday alleging a Derry polling station volunteer is guilty of electioneering, after she was recorded by undercover operatives stating her Democratic leanings....

Editorial: 'Voters want solutions, not vacuous electioneering'

Irish Independent 16 Jan 2020
Editorial Twitter Email. January 16 2020 2.30 AM. 0 Comments Editorial. 'Voters want solutions, not vacuous electioneering'. Independent.ie ... https.//www.independent.ie/opinion/editorial/editorial-voters-want-solutions-not-vacuous-electioneering-38866624.html. https.//www.independent.ie/incoming/98410/38865835.ece/AUTOCROP/h342/AFP_1NP2CH.jpg. Email ... ....

Socorro threatens mayor with lawsuit, seeks fine over electioneering on city property

El Paso Times 13 Dec 2019
Socorro Mayor Elia Garcia must cooperate with an inquiry to avoid being sued by the city. She faces a $400 fine for electioneering on city property .......

Bruce Harrell Discusses His Proudest Moments, Amazon’s Electioneering, and a New Council Without a Single ...

The Stranger 11 Dec 2019
A new Seattle City Council is taking shape at City Hall this month ... But for the first time in 12 years, Council Member Bruce Harrell won't be part of the effort ... JINGLE ALL THE GAY! Dec 6-29 ... Yes ... And it astounds me that no one in the rooms where these decisions were made would raise their hand and say, “Hey, this might look like electioneering ... .......

Memories of electioneering with Pat Edlin

Islington Tribune 06 Dec 2019
Pat Edlin. • I SAW Pat Edlin from a different perspective, that of opposing ward chairman for Bunhill in the 1983 general election, (Labour stalwart dies suddenly, November 29). Inevitably from time to time we spent the evening canvassing the same block, him for Labour and me for the Conservatives ... I was very sorry indeed to read of Pat’s death ... ....

UK’s Boris Johnson juggles NATO summit with electioneering

Telegraph Herald 05 Dec 2019
WATFORD, EnglandBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson juggled election campaigning with hosting a meeting of NATO leaders on Wednesday, keeping a polite but noticeable distance from unpredictable U.S. President Donald Trump ... ....

DA accuses ANC of using state resources for electioneering in Mamusa

Independent online (SA) 05 Dec 2019
Rustenburg - The Democratic Alliance in North West province has accused the African National Congress of using government resources to lure voters ahead of a January 15 by-election in the Mamusa municipality ... "This is nothing short of abusing the powers and services of the state in pursuit of a party political agenda," McGluwa said....